Our goal is to maximize your donation to ensure it gets necessary supplies for small charities who need them. So that you don’t have to worry about where your money goes, we provide a transparent monthly report detailing exactly where each dollar goes and posting pictures of what your hard earned money went to. We ensure that as much of your donation as possible goes to low-cost essential supplies, not administrative overhead. Within the bylaws of our organization, we can only use at maximum, 5% of donated funds for overhead, which is far lower than most charities can operate at. The remaining 95% is then used to buy direct relief supplies for small charities who don’t have major supplier connections. We use our time and efforts to find the charities who need supplies, negotiate with our major supply partners and make sure those charities are taken care of. We want to eliminate peoples’ distrust of charities who do wonderful things but might be too small to be taken seriously or without a questioning thought. That’s why we do our own research into charities to make sure they align with not only our values, but yours as well. This means when you donate a dollar to us, you can be confident it is not going to just vanish into the hands of a random person.