Katie & Friends

Funds donated to our main campaign will be used to support all of our campaigns and missions. We are primarily focused on providing local charities with food for the underprivileged at a significantly cheaper cost than any individual person could donate themselves.

Katie & Friends Supporting ACS

The donations made here will help support the Cleveland Hope Lodge of the American Cancer Society. The Hope Lodge of Cleveland relies on generous people to prepare dinners regularly for the patients and family members who are going through the toughest times of their lives. This campaign uses its funds to provide dinners at a much lower cost than individuals can make on their own. If you want to see what dinners are sponsored by your donation, we post our stories on Instagram.

Carolyn’s Kids

Children don’t get a choice about the situation they live in, which is why Carolyn has always been adamant about helping children in need. Any donations made here will go to direct relief supplies for organizations that specifically help children in need.

Katie’s Critters

Animals rely on their human companions to care for and love them. Unfortunately, many animals are abandoned by their caretakers, and Katie believes that no animal should suffer abuse or neglect. Donations made here will go to supplying humane animal rescues and sanctuaries with essential food and supplies for our furry friends.