Welcome to Katie & Friends!

Making charity simple, streamlined, and impactful.

Who we are

Katie & Friends is a collective of people dedicated to helping others in the most efficient way possible. We buy supplies in bulk on behalf of smaller charities, whose needs vary week to week, ensuring they get the most possible out of every donated dollar, when they need it. It is our drive and passion to make sure we get the most out of every dime donated to our organization, which is why we have structured our organization to spend no less than 95% of funds on low-cost direct relief supplies. We are committed to making helping others as easy and seamless as possible because that’s the way it should be! Donating should be about giving to others, not stressing about whether or not a charity is trustworthy. We do the heavy lifting and vetting so you don’t have to.

What we do

Make donating easy

We do the hard work of finding charities that you believe in and making sure your donations go directly to supplying them with needed goods.

Get what charities need

We work with suppliers to buy products that smaller charities need, at pricing they couldn’t otherwise obtain, ensuring maximum buying power for your donations.

Create a better world

We’re striving to make a better future for everyone around us, and see to it that people get what they need without all the red tape.

Why it works

We believe that people are innately good and want to help others, but the process of donating is more difficult than it should be.

We help bridge the gap between your good will and the needs of charities by negotiating better pricing for goods and getting them to those who need it. This extends the value of each dollar given, getting not only more goods, but also making a bigger impact.

How it works

All you need to do is fill out a very short questionnaire and put in some payment info and you’ll be good to go. We also make it very easy to donate in the future by allowing you to customize subscription or payment options when you make a free account. (We also know that all the extra e-mails are annoying so will only send you confirmations and let you opt in to our news if you are interested in staying up to date with our mission.)

After we receive your donation and preferences, we use that money to contact our supplier network and put in an order to ship supplies at extremely low cost to the charities that you believe in.

DISCLAIMER: Due to limited resources and current events, we will not be able to match your preference of individual charities to your donations. We plan to have this feature starting in the new year. We have several campaigns featured for the year of 2020 primarily focusing on supporting charities in the greater Cleveland metropolitan area of Ohio. If you wish to find out what we do with donations, we will be publishing a monthly report on our funding and post pictures of our donations to Instagram

About Us

We are Katie & Friends, a group dedicated to helping humanity.

We do the hard work of research and bartering so you can be happy and confident that your donations are going directly to relief and not some unknown sources.


+1 (330) 662-1852
Cleveland Heights, Ohio
United States

We are in the process of obtaining our 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service. IRS Pub 557 indicates that the effective date of our exemption will be retroactive to our date of incorporation which is May 28, 2020.  Donations may be tax exempt.