Before anything happens, we find charities that have views and goals that align with our own. We make sure that the charities are in fact needing supplies and aren’t just a cover to take your hard earned money. But don’t worry if you can’t find your favorite charity working with us, it doesn’t mean they are doing anything bad, it just means we might not have heard about them yet. We also work to create a network of suppliers that help us make sure the charities we work with get the things they need to continue doing their great work.

Here’s where you come in. All you have to do is click on our “donate” button and answer a few questions. These questions only establish what type of charity you would like your donation to support, and how much or how often you would like to donate. Nothing personal, and certainly nothing that will be shared with third-parties. We believe in the freedom of privacy, which is why we will never give or sell user data to anyone. We only hold information about your profile if you choose to make one. The profile is an easy to use tool that allows you to customize how much you want to donate, how frequently, where those donations go, and what account the money comes from. You can select options from only donating when you say to, to the value (or more) of a daily coffee every day. You can also choose which charities that money will be used to support. However, the easiest option (and we think the best), is if you let us take the weight of decision off your shoulders and make sure that your donation gets into good hands.

Now that you’ve completed our very friendly process to streamline your efforts to help, we take over from there. We ask all of the charities we support for a list of goods/services that they need to operate properly. If you chose specific causes, we take a small amount to pay our staff, and the rest is sent to an account that supports your cause(s) of choice. Within a short time, we pool all of the money from other donors for that charity and contact our suppliers. We make sure that we get the supplies those charities need at as low of a cost as possible (mostly at manufacture cost, but preferably lower). That’s it! The idea is simple, but the details are intricate and designed with efficiency in mind, so you don’t have to waste your energy or time trying to figure out to whom and what to donate.

Our objective is trust and transparency. We have nothing to hide, so we won’t hide anything. We publish quarterly reports, so that anyone can easily find out if we make our goals. You can view recent reports here. [add link]