What does Katie & Friends actually do?

K&F is a non-profit charity that operates like a logistics company. There are many charities who rely on direct relief supplies from donors and have to purchase supplies to achieve their mission. Katie & Friends was designed to get them those essential supplies at a cost much cheaper than on their own or through individual contributions by using our buying power to purchase supplies at manufacturer cost.

Why not donate directly to the charities K&F supports?

K&F is all about this! If you find a charity you like, go donate to them. The BONUS of donating to us is that we supply your selected causes with at least 95% of your donation going to purchasing ESSENTIAL supplies at cost. You know your money is going to DIRECT RELIEF instead of unknown overhead costs. We also post pictures of what you buy on our Instagram.

Isn’t it more efficient for charities to have their own supply networks?

This is a great question because in theory yes, it would “cut out a middleman”. However you have to keep in mind that many charities aren’t large enough to have major supply chain partners and rely on other umbrella organizations to help supply them. K&F can be considered as one of these support organizations, which actually greatly benefit small charities by providing them with supplies they need when they need it. This way they don’t have to worry as much about fundraising or generating awareness.

How is K&F different from Feeding America or other large charities that supply smaller organizations?

K&F was designed to fill in the cracks that are left by the other large charities that people donate food and supplies to. Many of these organizations get huge amounts of supplies around holidays and turn away donations because they can’t process the volume. Instead of us holding on to supplies and then finding other charities to take them, we take orders for what those charities ask for and NEED and deliver the supplies for free WHEN they need them. We eliminate waste and cost by avoiding stockpiling and purchasing space to hold stockpiles.

What is “Lean” philosophy?

Lean philosophy is an organizational method of systematically reducing 7 types of waste; overproduction, inventory, motion, defects, over-processing, waiting, and transport. This is achieved by looking at overall processes by finding excess steps, supplies, or distance and reducing these bottlenecks of the process to make the overall flow more time and energy efficient, thus reducing cost of business.

How does K&F implement Lean?

K&F was founded by people trained in Lean and Six Sigma philosophies. K&F actually takes advantage of companies that have these types of waste and helps REDUCE their waste, in effect making those companies and the charities that use us more Lean. By getting EXCESS supplies, FROM stockpiles, directly to WHO needs them, WHEN they need them, we can reduce the overall cost of charity for everyone involved. We find who needs what, who has extra, and get these items delivered directly to who needs those supplies without extra steps involved.